Two bottles of water in the room upon arrival
Late Check-in upon request
Early Check-in upon availability
Free Room Upgrade upon availability
The most flexible cancellation policy online
Two bottles of water in the room upon arrival
Late Check-in upon request
Early Check-in upon availability
Free Room Upgrade upon availability
The most flexible cancellation policy online


  • Services 9

    -early check-in
    -late check-out
    Check-in is normally after 1 pm and check-out is by 11 am.

    However, we are very flexible and if you know you will be arriving early or if you need to leave in the afternoon,
    please tell us in advance
    and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Services 10

    - Our guest house is 50 metres from “La Romana”, the most renowned ice-cream parlour-patisserie in Rome.
    - We are 50 metres from “Trimani”, the most important and well-stocked wine shop in the city.
    - We are 50 metres from “Barduagni”, one of the oldest and best-known florists. It is also one of the most expensive, so much so that, here in Rome, we call it Cartier.

    So, in just 30 minutes,
    we can organise a fantastic top-quality surprise!

  • Services 11

    The best way to book at the Deseo Home is to contact our booking office: 00390662286618
    or, better still, write to:

    By being in contact, it’s easier for us to understand your preferences, how old you are, what needs you might have during this specific stay... a particular service or a way of getting a good price.
    If you prefer to book online,
    we recommend that you use our official website (this one)
    to get the best rates and offers, including a list of advantages.

  • Services 12

    Our reception is at your complete disposal from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm and our group of staff speaks the following languages:
    Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian Arabic and Portuguese.

    Should you need to contact our reception during the night, you will find that the phone numbers are active and we will be present in just a few minutes... although fewer languages are spoken at night!

  • Services 13

    We work with a nearby laundry, in Via Palestro,
    which takes 8-10 hours to get your clothes back to you.

    However, we can provide an iron and ironing board
    if you need to iron some clothes.

  • Services 14

    The area we are in is most certainly the safest in the city...
    I would say there’s no doubt about it...
    Did I already mention that?!

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  • Services 15

    Rome, as everyone knows, is an open-air theatre
    where you can roam freely
    among the incredible fountains, churches and flights of steps...

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  • Services 16

    Dear guest,
    I must share an industry secret with you...a piece of gossip, a flaw...
    There isn’t a hotel in the world that can manage the minibar profitably. Those who still have classic minibars in the rooms set the price of a packet of peanuts or a coke at €5, trying to limit the problem without realising that they are really making it worse.

    Getting to the point, all the rooms at Deseo Home have a minibar,
    a small fridge, which each guest can use as they see fit.
    That said, you can also buy classic bar drinks
    inside the guest house.

  • Services 17

    After years of inventions and magic spells to try to make our Wi-Fi network function properly,
    OPTIC FIBRE is finally here
    (...after all, we’re not a little village in the Amazon!).
    From now on, guys, we're going at a speed of 100 Mb...
    and on one wheel!
    I'm kidding... I'm terrified of motorcycles, unfortunately.

  • Services 18

    Our concierge is at your disposal
    (preferably in the afternoon and evening)
    to organise and book tickets for museums, events and matches...

  • Services 19

    Food is our passion,
    so allow us to guide you
    and it will soon be your passion too!

  • Services 20

    On the day your arrival and that of your departure,
    you can leave all your things with us,
    roam around freely and collect them when needed.

    Mi casa es tu casa.

  • Services 21

    Our innovative, handy app can be downloaded as soon as you have completed your booking and will keep you connected to the reception and updated on events, weather and news...making your stay and touring easier, as it comes complete with maps, which can also be viewed outside the hotel and offline.

  • Services 22

    This punctual, efficient service uses comfort category latest generation cars and costs just €50 one way.

    To carry out this service, we need the name of the passenger, arrival time and flight number.
    Journey time to the guest house is 35-40 minutes.

  • Services 23

    A delicious buffet breakfast
    (complete with every type of sweet and savoury food)
    including lots of fresh products, delivered early in the morning,
    awaits you from 7.30 am to 10 am.

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  • Services 24

    The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and tidied up every morning.
    The towels are changed every day, unless they haven’t been used at all, while the sheets are changed every 3 days.

    All linens, including duvet covers, cushions, etc. are assigned to and intended for use by a single guest or couple of guests.

  • Services 25

    Every week, the rooms are completely sanitised with a state-of-the-art ozone generator. The ozone kills any viruses or bacteria that may, for whatever reason, be in the air, on a surface or on a curtain and it protects guests, not only from Covid but from any other type of contamination or hidden danger that might be present in any environment in an active or dormant mode.