The idea behind the Deseo Home came from two Roman cousins, Antonio (born in 1964) and Piero, 10 years his junior.
The guest house initially had 5 rooms and over the next 10 years grew, enjoying great success, into a 25-room guest house with a reception area, a breakfast room and a small hall with an outdoor area, which is not only pretty but essential to the guest house.

Opposite Porta Pia, the ultimate patriotic symbol, the Deseo is located in a building dated 1890, a superb, solid construction with spaces that subsequent building work, concerned solely with profit, was never able to create again.

Many guests do not realise that there are nice Italian families living in the same building, with whom there is great harmony and collaboration: it is not unusual to see the lady who lives on the fifth floor coming into the Deseo with her dog for a cup of coffee or someone from the Hotel helping the elderly lady living on the fourth floor with her shopping.

An interesting fact about the building is that it seems to be the tallest in Rome.
Yes, we are talking about altitude compared to sea level.
In fact, you’ll notice that when you leave the Deseo Home, any road you take will always be downhill, or maybe flat, but sooner or later it will descend... That's right-no uphill roads.

Indeed, we are at the highest point of the centre of Rome.

Cool, isn’t it!

It's just a curiosity, but who knows... sooner or later, beautiful snowflakes might be seen falling into the rooms at the Deseo, perhaps at Christmas time!