The area we are in is most certainly the safest in the city... I would say there’s no doubt about it... Did I already mention that?!

We are surrounded by Ministries and Embassies, Porta Pia is a highly monitored and institutional place...
no one would ever touch a car around here...
- Parking in the street is free on the white lines (but it’s hard to find a space).
- The blue lines mean free parking at night and a cost of €1 per hour during the day, but by paying €8 you are covered for 24H.

However, we work with the Castro Pretorio car park, 200-300 metres from the Deseo,
a covered, guarded garage
for anyone with special requirements.
- The cost of a medium-sized car is normally €30 per day, but it's only €25 for Deseo guests.
- The cost of a luxury car/SUV is normally €35, but it’s only €30 for Deseo guests.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to go to the reception first or go there in our name.