A delicious buffet breakfast (including all sorts of sweet and savoury food) with lots of fresh products, delivered early in the morning,
awaits you from 7 am to 10 am.

Hot drinks such as cappuccino, coffee, chocolate and espresso are made on the spot, just like at the bar.

If you don't feel liking going down for breakfast one morning, you can have it brought to your room; you can order breakfast the night before or even the same morning, simply by using our app, which allows you to choose and personalise 3 different choices of breakfast.

Knowing how to enjoy life means, quite simply, considering it a game, knowing how to enjoy something superfluous, but I would say also something simple, intimate and inevitable: breakfast in bed with your partner, one of the few breakfasts you will remember later on, simply because it was different from all the others.

We’re proud to announce that the service only costs 9 Euro (or 24 Euro if you want the trays to come with flowers and a morning bouquet).

If you book directly with us, the service is also free for the first order, so you can try the service at no cost and without any commitment-one shot-and then any subsequent services are charged at the indicated price.